Wednesday, December 21, 2011


People who are quiet have something to hide. They're might be times where people are just quiet because that's their personality or they are just tired. But many times when someone is quiet it is because there is something they don't want to talk about. Melinda's quietness was extreme. She was silent almost the entire school year. She also didn't even speak to her parents. For example in the book speak on page: 4 she tells herself that she is an outcast and from that point on she is like a witness in school not really part of the action, just watching others. Melinda want to be invisible and not talking helps her be invisible. Being invisible is part of hiding and being silent. Another example from the story would be on page:113 Melinda's in a meeting with the principle and her parents want her to speak. Her mother says "Why won't you say anything?" The reason for this meeting is that she has been absent a lot and the school realizes that she doesn't speak. In the same meeting another example on page: 114 it says that Melinda's mother says " She's jerking us around to get attention." This shows a problem of not speaking. People will judge you wrong because they have to guess you are silent all the time.